The blue side of green®

AQUAIVIA® is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the mission of preserving and protecting water resources in the United States of America And Worldwide.

Fundraising Services & Endowment Development

Aquaivia™ conducts research in the fields of marine biology, climate change and ecology. This includes research in the field of the preservation of endangered species of flora and fauna by such means as field research, controlled studies and other academic means. Aquaivia™ has a mission which extends deeply into research in the field of natural resources, including, toward maintaining game preserves and maintaining research facilities to aid in the sound management of natural resources. Aquaivia™ also provides fundraising and charitable services to others, as a collaborator in the family of environmentally concerned organizations. As an example of this spirit, Aquaivia™ has engaged in furnishing equipment to aid in environmental research and the sound management of natural resources to other organizations doing excellent work within the scope of the Aquaivia™ mission. In addition to its own research, Aquaivia™ offers its scientific skill and research to others. If you are interesting in having Aquaivia™ involved in your research and or fundraising please submit such request through this website. As part of its fundraising activities and endowment development, Aquaivia™ engages in charitable fundraising services for acquiring real property for environmental preservation and research purposes in the field of water and wetlands preservation. The scope of fundraising and endowment of Aquaivia™ includes financial inves™ent in the field of stocks and mutual funds of environmentally oriented companies and technologies, as well as financial inves™ent in the field of financial instruments, securities and derivatives and bonds.




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